Message from Principal

We have strong belief that the technical knowledge is the need of 21st Century for enabling the younger generation to rise to their full potential for the development of our nation.

The mission of the College is to improve through academic knowledge, spiritual strength, Social Consciousness and positive self-image.

We ensure that must get the best at the academic and professional level from our Institutions as it is they who will create the soil to plant the seeds of our Vision.

“Educational Institutions are the integral part of our society. An educational institution transforms a group of people into a civilized nation. The role of a educator gains immense importance of creating independent thinking and acting individuals who see the paramount significance of serving the society. It is truly said our children are the good bricks to be laid for the foundation of a great and progressive nation.” - John Dewey

Teacher training education thus aims at the development of 3Hs-Hand, Head and Heart. At Magadh College of Education, we enable the student to develop and nourish their hidden talents by exposing them to diverse opportunities and varied activities. We teach them to be confident, creative and independent. It is our endeavour to inculcate moral, culture and spiritual values in our students. Our goal is to enable students to be enlightened and innovative teachers of modern India. I am confident that Magadh College of Education is on the verge of becoming a premier institution, amply fulfilling the educational aspirations of the enlightened parents who bring their student to our portals.

With Regards
Dr. M S Jamal
Principal, MCE Gaya